One Of The Oddest "Geological Wonders" Is Located Right Here In Quebec

Have you ever wondered what mystery gems lie in Quebec? Well I know I have, and there is one of the oddest geological wonders located right here in Quebec! You may think that this geological wonder is a typical grotto or a strange hike, but the truth is that this hidden gem is a 10-KM cave that you can explore RIGHT NOW!

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Located just two hours away from Montreal, you and your friends can plan a real adventure and explore the mysterious caves of Quebec. You can discover the superb marble cave, known as the Lusk Caves in Gatineau Park, and the natural geological phenomenon that has been forming for thousands of years.

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This sure is a one of a kind geological wonder considering that when the Wisconsin Glacier melted about 12,500 years ago, water trapped under the melting glacier was forced into cracks in the rocks. The marble of Lusk Cave eroded more quickly than surrounding rocks, causing a series of tunnels to form.

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A round trip of the caves takes about 4 hours and you can see some amazing wildlife! In the cave itself, water levels can be as high a meter or more. It is recommended that cave explorers bring an extra pair of shoes, flashlight and safety helmet. Sandals and rubber boots are not recommended footwear. 

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