One Random Montrealer Works It To Michael Jackson In Atwater Station And It Is Awesome

There needs to be more MJ in every metro station. Thankfully, one man has taken the iniative and brought the king of pop to Atwater station, along with some sweet dance moves.

Right as the green line pulls up to Atwater station, one Montrealer, all decked out in white, starts tearing up the metro car floor and working it to MJ's classic "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough."

The gentleman looks to be André Lévesque,, a devout Christian who uses music to spread the good word. Whatever his reason, thank you sir, for making everyone's metro ride that much more enjoyable. Kudos to Rémi Provencher for pointing that out in the comments below.

See the Atwater metro dance for yourself through the video below.

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