Onion Rings + Poutine = The Ringtine

Next level hunger unlocked.
Onion Rings + Poutine = The Ringtine

You've thought about it before, I'm sure we all have, because nearly every diner-y menu has poutine and onion rings in the same section, making one wonder: what if the two dishes were combined? People at home may have tried it out, but one burger joint is putting the grease-fusion on the menu, otherwise known as the "Ringtine."

The Acme Burger Company (based in Toronto) are the folks behind the onion ring poutine, which is exactly what it sounds like, with onion rings subbing out the fries. Cheese curds and gravy are still there to round out the poutine-essentials, making the Ringtine a new way to experience some classic 3am-flavours.

But would the Ringtine hold up in practice? It sure as hell sounds delicious in theory, but without the fluffy and absorbant filling that french fries have, the onion rings could just become a sloppy mess in a matter of moments. Perhaps Acme compensates for this with less gravy and more cheese, or just super-crispy onion rings. Along with the Ramen Poutine, this is yet another foodgasms-reason to head on out to Toronto.

Their burgers don't look so bad either.

Photo Cred - Michael N

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