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STM OPUS Petition: All Montrealers Should Have Students Discounts!

Putting an end to the influx of adult-level responsibilities, and prices.
STM OPUS Petition: All Montrealers Should Have Students Discounts!

Turning older than 25 is a scary time. Not only are you getting past that quarter century point (thus inviting a serious existential life crisis), you also have to deal with an influx of adult-level responsibilities, and prices.

Take the STM's OPUS card, for example.

Once you hit that 26-years-of-age mark, you're no longer entitled to the reduced monthly rate. So, even if you are still a student, your monthly OPUS card price will almost double, going up from $49 to $82.

Sophie Lamontagne thinks this is a major problem, and has created an online petition to persuade the STM to remove the age restrictions on the far-more-affordable student pricing model for a monthly OPUS card.

Believing that "there is no age to invest in one's education," there then "shouldn't be any age limit to have access to the student rate" Lamontagne explains on the petition's online page.

Lamontagne also brings up the very valid point that students who are older than 25 generally have "more important financial responsibilities," such as parents who return to school that still must provide for their children.  Several other valid points are outlined on the petition itself.

Right now, the "Abolition de la limite d'âge pour le tarif étudiant de la STM" petition has 13,326 signatures since it's creation, which was only yesterday.

The STM has yet to respond to the petition or make a statement on the topic, though in all fairness, that's probably because they have yet to see it. No doubt that will change shortly, as the petition is only gaining more momentum and exposure.

To read the petition and potentially add your signature, head here.

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