Only One Montreal Theatre Will Screen Game Of Thrones Season 5 Footage In IMAX

Photo cred - o.canada

Boobs and gore will be on the big screen, nay, the biggest screen once the uber-popular, super violent, and full of glorious nudity HBO series otherwise known as Game of Thrones hits IMAX screens at the end of the month. We knew this amazing cinematic event was going to happen in the US of A, but now we can happily proclaim that GoT will also be on Montreal IMAX screens.

Announced on the IMAX community blog, the only theatre in the City of Montreal to screen GoT will be Mega-Plex Marche Central. Two other theatres, one in DDO (Cinema Des Sources) and the other in Longueuil (Mega-Plex Taschereau) will also be playing GoT in IMAX. In all of Canada, these are the only 3 theatres to be announced, so go Quebec, we obvi love dragons and drama more than any other place in the nation.

Two entire episodes will be shown during the GoT IMAX event, with screenings beginning on Thursday, January 29th 'til February 5th. The last chunk of season 4 ("The Watchers On The Wall" & "The Children") will be the episodes to be shown, the very first time in history a TV show has ever been seen in IMAX.

What you should really get excited about, however, is the exclusive season 5 IMAX trailer that will accompany the two episodes. We know you're clamoring for more glimpses of the upcoming season (because we are too) so even if you've watched the end of season 4 a thousand times, a season 5 trailer is reason enough to watch.

Oh, and Daenerys' badassery and beauty in IMAX-tastic glory.