Ontario, Quebec & Eight U.S. States Could Form World's 3rd Largest Country

And it will be called The Great Lakes Region.
Ontario, Quebec & Eight U.S. States Could Form World's 3rd Largest Country

The world has been a little tense lately, to say the least. The US hates their leader, people are freaking out about the French elections, the UK is leaving the EU, and Scotland wants to leave the UK. 

With this much uncertainty, a lot of new random alliances are being proposed between various counties and states. 

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There's the California, Oregon, Washington, Canada alliance , The Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta & B.C. alliance, and it was even suggested that Scotland should become Canada's 11th province

But now, some new data suggests that there is a better alliance out there. It's called the Great Lakes Region and it would be composed of Ontario, Quebec, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. 

Together, this "new country" would have the third largest economy in the world, right behind the United States and China. 

And it's not like we would have a hard time getting along. The people from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan are practically Canadian already. Illinois has McGruff the crime dog, Indiana sounds pretty cool because of Indiana Jones, Ohio has the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and Pennsylvania... well I'm sure Pennsylvania has a really nice personality.

Plus, we get to share a country with New York! 

It may be a pie in the sky dream, but it ever became a real option, I'm sure more than few of you would consider it.