Ontario Website Tells Tourists To Stay Away From Quebec

TearDownTheQuebecWall.com gets a lot of things wrong.
Ontario Website Tells Tourists To Stay Away From Quebec

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Carl Sinding of Kitchener, Ontario, has a serious problem with the Parti Québécois, to the point that he made an entire website that is basically an online manifesto of why the PQ is evil. Valid points are made, but Sinding's fanatic hatred makes the whole site seem more than a bit radical.

Sinding's site is titled "Tear Down The Quebec Wall.com" with several subsections sporting names like "World Sees Quebec As Intolerant" "A Separate Quebec Will Be Diminished" and (the at least somewhat accurate) "Francophones Are Warm Hearted."

Running through the entire site is Sinding's critique on the recent actions of the PQ, with most of his argument focused on the Charter of Values, language laws, and an independent Quebec. These are points against the PQ that many people find problem with, but Sinding takes it to a very harsh extreme.

Tourists are actually warned that speaking English or wearing religious symbols in Quebec will be dangerous. Sinding makes it seem like minorities in Quebec are persecuted everyday, and are treated like second class citizens all across the province. We here in Montreal know that isn't the truth, but people outside of Quebec may not.

Some of Sinding's arguments are valid, but his extreme anti-PQ and "Quebec is a war zone" mentality is ridiculous. If anything, Sinding is only adding to the problem, propagating negative perceptions of the province and really just adding fuel to the fire.

What do you think of Sinding's site?

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