Open Your Ears Because The MTL Blog Podcast Is Here!

Listen up to the MTL Blog-cast, our homegrown audio guidebook of awesome.
Open Your Ears Because The MTL Blog Podcast Is Here!

The moment you've been waiting for is here faithful readers: the release of MTL Blog's first ever podcast! Known as the MTL Blog-cast (because I randomly made it up), the podcast will be an audio accompaniment to the happenings of the site and the city of Montreal. Plus, you'll finally get to pair a sexy voice to all of our articles.

Hosted (at least for this edition)by myself, Michael D'Alimonte, and Marianne Hill, film writer,  the Blog-cast runs at 15 hilarious minutes of nonstop ear-gasms. Listen to us chat about the hottest articles on MTL Blog, weekend war stories where we got wasted, cool stuff happening in the city, and the hottest musical tracks. We'll be churning these audio orchestras of awesome every two weeks, so be sure to stream them on the site, or download them on Itunes for on-the-go listening.

For our first foray into the realm of podcasts, listen to me and Marianne chat about M for Montreal, MTL Blog's recent makeover, our brand new Voice's columns, and how ghosts will haunt your ass when you're taking a crap. For reals, we're not holding back on ridiculousness or audacity here people, so give us a listen.

Be sure to tune back in a couple weeks to the MTL Blog-cast for interviews from Montreal's hottest musicians and artists, insights from the whole MTL Blog team, and general hilarity.

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