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Opinion: 7 Reasons Why Quebec's SQDC Should Have A Black Friday Sale On Marijuana

At this point, they really have nothing to lose.
Opinion: 7 Reasons Why Quebec's SQDC Should Have A Black Friday Sale On Marijuana

Black Friday has become a giant tradition across Canada, and with the crazy deals most major retailers offer during this time of year, you can definitely see why. It makes for the perfect time to splurge on things you wouldn't necessarily spend a ton of money on otherwise.

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TL;DR Black Friday sales and offers begin this week and the SQDC could not go wrong by offering their own amazing deals on products, in my opionion. Below is a list of reasons why it would be a good idea for Quebec's cannabis store to have a Black Friday sale.

Most of our favourite stores are offering incredible Black Friday deals this year, but there are always a few companies that you've probably always hoped would come out with surprise deals and giveaways. 

Now that marijuana is legalized in the country, it would be pretty amazing if Quebec's SQDC stores decided to offer a few major sales, too. Seriously, we all deserve it.

Here are just a few reasons why a Black Friday sale on legal cannabis in the province would definitely be a good idea:

1. They would make an amazing profit

It's no secret that SQDC products are in super high demand – the SQDC shelves and online store have already almost emptied.

2. They could clear out any unpopular products

Those strains that no one is really interested in or actually wants to even try? The SQDC could just mark them at half off or more and they'd fly off the shelves.

3. The SQDC owes Quebeccers big time

The provincial cannabis store hasn't had a great start. After delayed delivery times, products with less cannabis than they advertise, hours long wait times, we all really do deserve some incedible offers and savings.

4. They would definitely be the most anticipated Black Friday sale in the province

The hype would be incredible. Who wouldn't want to be able to say they went Black Friday shopping at a legal cannabis store?!

5. It's a great opportunity to introduce new products

Unlike the SQDC, the Ontario cannabis store sells marijuana paraphernalia: items such as pipes, vaporizers, storage cases, cleaning supplies, and more. If Quebec introduced these products in stores and then put them on sale, the whole province would go crazy.

6. They could gain our trust back

If the SQDC offered out-of-this-world deals on marijuana, you'd probably be way too happy to hold any kind of grudge.

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7. The cannabis industry would reach a more diverse market

Black Friday shoppers will literally buy anything just for the sake of landing amazing deals, so the SQDC could definitely advertise to a whole new market of shoppers.

As the official Black Friday sale dates quickly approach, we can only hope the SQDC takes the hint and gives us the deals we all deserve. Stay tuned for more information on both legal cannabis in the province and Black Friday sales!

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