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Opinion: All The Reasons Why Toronto Is Better Than Montreal

The Toronto-Montreal rivalry is real. If you've been living under a rock your entire life and don't believe me, just put on a Leafs jersey and walk around Montreal. (Also, Leafs?! Can we please put an end to this grammatical error??)

Or even better, drive into Quebec with an Ontario license plate.

The two cities boast some amazing art, food and music, and have very distinct "personalities." For this reason, people have very strong opinions about which city is the best. I want to settle the debate once and for all. It's obvious that Toronto is better than Montreal.

Don't believe me? Read my super salient arguments below. 

Here are couple undisputable points as to why Toronto is just so obviously better than Montreal. Please consider the following...

The Cost Of Living 

Everybody knows that living in Toronto is way cheaper than living in Montreal. For example, in Toronto, you can rent this beautiful, studio apartment for only $1,300!

Via Massimo Giovannetti

By comparison, this disgusting apartment in the heart of Montreal is available for about the same price.

Via DOMO Appartments

The fact that Torontonians make, on average, $17,000 more per year definitely makes up for it... though that is, in part, because they aren't paying the same taxes to subsidize child care, paid vacation, and other social services.

Toronto Is A Way Cleaner City

Everyone knows that more people means less trash! Toronto is a super clean and green city.

Toronto Is A Way Better City For Young People

Aside from the high rents and a generally high cost of living, Toronto also has a higher legal drinking age. This engenders financial stress and means that young people have fewer fun things to do. Young people can, therefore, put all of their energy into their studies, or into working enough to be able to pay their next month's rent.

Sure, many young Torontonians come to Montreal to study, or to celebrate their 18th birthday, but they don't actually want to be here. Duh.

The View

For some reason, there's a giant mountain in the middle of Montreal. Locals go there to hang out, hike, picnic, drink beers, and play soccer or football. It's an unnecessary waste of space and it blocks the entire view of the city.

Toronto has maximised its use of the land: there is way more urban sprawl, so it's super spread out. This means that if you look out of the high-rises in Toronto you can see concrete jungle for miles and miles in any direction.

The Transit System 

Toronto has a total of 75 metro stations, all on two lines. The trains are super vintage because they're like a hundred years old, and the outdoor rails often stop running when it gets cold. This means that you get to really sit back and enjoy the uncomfortable cushions and cramped quarters. The transit system, which was ranked as being way worse than those Montreal and Vancouver, costs $146.25 per month for riders.

In contrast, Montreal has 68 subway stations on four lines, and they feel the need to add new stations almost every decade. And Montreal recently updated their metro trains, so they're new, spacious and super not vintage looking at all. Plus, Montrealers pay $83 for the monthly OPUS card, so that must mean the STM is inferior, right?

The Architecture

Toronto is a relatively new city with little need for old buildings or tradition. The emblem of Toronto, the CN tower, is a beautiful spiky needle-looking thing that towers over the city. It's the only emblematic building the city needs.

Montreal has many distinct landmarks like the Oratoire Saint Joseph, the Basilique Notre-Dame and the funky, multicoloured duplexes of the Plateau. This makes things confusing, because there is more than one piece of standout architecture for tourists to gawk at. There are therefore smaller crowds at these monuments.

The distinct architecture that changes from neighbourhood to neighbourhood juts out awkwardly and looks out of place. Not to mention that Montreal has really weird street art that is a real eyesore.

The People Are Just So Much Nicer

People in Toronto are known for being nice. Remember the story of the "Chair Girl" who threw a chair out of an Airbnb condo so that a passer-by could take a much-needed break, comfortably seated on a chair?

@marcellacz_embedded via

You would never see that kind of generosity in Montreal.

There Are No Places To Eat In Montreal

Toronto is lauded for its multicultural cuisine and diversity in the restaurant world. In contrast, Montreal has just way too many restaurants... in fact, the most restaurants per capita in North America.

Even worse, only 5 of the best restaurants in Canada are in Montreal. Only five? Lame.

I'm sure I have you convinced, but feel free to rebuttal in the comments section...

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