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Opinion: Cannabis Legalization In Canada Isn't Really That Big Of A Deal

We've been prepared for this day for months!
Opinion: Cannabis Legalization In Canada Isn't Really That Big Of A Deal

It's as if Canada has been up in smoke (literally) since marijuana was legalizaed early this morning.

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TL;DR With cannabis legalization in Canada being well known months in advance, it seems as if the nationwide excitement and foot traffic each store is getting is a bit too enthusiastic. Below is purely a personal opinion on why being able to buy marijuana legally today isn't that big of a deal.

Canadians have been treating the day like the official apocalypse, swarming every new cannabis store available in their province, leading to a massive shortage of product.

Seriously, the official Quebec cannabis website has already been completely run dry of some products, with no sign of items being restocked anytime soon.

On top of that, I decided to try my luck at one of the official stores in Montreal this morning. All I can say was it was a big waste of time. The line to get inside literally wrapped around the street, with only a couple people allowed to enter at a time. 

The only thing I can really conclude from all of this is that in my opinion, the hype is way too over dramatic. 

I get it, it's exciting to finally be able to buy weed from the government – to feel secure knowing exactly where your cannabis has come from and even have a provincial website that shows off each product as if it's a bottle of old wine.


But seriously, people have been camping out at stores overnight, taking the day off from work so that they can immediately get high. Not to mention the thousands of Canadians that oppose legalization and the fear-mongering that's been spreading all day.

The biggest reason why legalization isn't that big of a deal is because, well, we've known for a pretty long time that weed legalization was coming.

Bill C-45 was first officially announced in April of 2017. Since then, we've pretty much known it wouldn't be long before we'd legally be allowed to get high across the country.

After that, a federal debate ensued from September 2017 to February 2018. It was in June of this year that Justin Trudeau officially announced that October 17 would be the day of legalization, so we've had a few months to prepare for the anticipation of this day.

Since then, cannabis has been in Canadian media non-stop. From information on new laws to the sneak peaks of the brand new government-run stores. We've known everything about marijuana legalization for months, so it's safe to say today shouldn't be breaking news for anyone.

Not to mention, people have been legally using medical marijuana for years in the country. CBD oil has also been legal long before today, and dispensaries weren't anywhere close to rare a few years ago. So it isn't as if this is the first time Canadians are being introduced to the substance.

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But, I digress, today is a good day! Canadians can finally enjoy smoking cannabis without fear of hearing the cops outside of their house, or being uncertain of where their product has come from. It definitely is something to be happy about, it's just that the overzealous hype makes no sense at all.

Come on, people! We've been prepared for this day for a super long time. 

Let's just hope that the mass excitement begins to die down by next week, or else official suppliers may not be able to keep up with such a high demand. 


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