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Opinion: My Montreal Gynecologist Used His Personal Phone Flashlight In His Examination And That Should Be Straight-Up Illegal

Am I wrong??
Opinion: My Montreal Gynecologist Used His Personal Phone Flashlight In His Examination And That Should Be Straight-Up Illegal

If you frequent MTL Blog, then you may have read about the Montreal doctor whose license is under review for suspension after he pleaded guilty for taking photos of two different women without their permission while they were undressed and in his office. 

Last Friday, I was at a new gynecologist for the first time and while I was undressed, the doctor used his own phone as a flashlight — and honestly, I'm still feeling weird about it.

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TL;DR After a doctor in Montreal pleaded guilty for taking photos of his patients while they were undressed, I couldn't help but feel a little weird when my gynecologist pulled out his own iPhone to use a flashlight at our last appointment...

Here's the thing — I don't need to get into the details of a gynecology appointment for you to understand my discomfort. We're all adults here.

And I don't even think this doctor is a bad guy! I didn't ask him to stop while he was doing it because my initial reaction was to give him the benefit of the doubt. He's a doctor, he was very kind and professional, and I don't have much of a reason to think he was doing anything nefarious.

Except for the fact that I wrote a story last week about another doctor doing totally nefarious stuff with his phone whilst in an appointment.

I actually have NO way of knowing if my doctor secretly opened his camera and was filming the whole time.


Again, I have no reason to assume he was doing that. But let me remind you that we're in the midst of a gynecology appointment, okay? It doesn't get much more invasive than that. And let me confirm, I was in a... "state of undress," if you will.

I wasvulnerable.

And there is no need to add the fear and anxiety of someone else's cell phone into the mix when someone is that vulnerable. 

So, that's why I think doctors using their own cellphone for anything that is done in a medical appointment should be straight-up illegal. Photos, flashlights, anything! Let's just leave the phones in the desk or in the lab coat and remove the uncertainty from the situation, for all our sakes.

Like... get a flashlight, dude! Or, at the very least, could you use my phone, please?

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