Opinion: Shameless Parking Violations Are Getting Out Of Control In Montreal

I've been under the impression recently that common decency for fellow citizens has completely flown out the window in Montreal.

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TL;DR Some recent incidents have shown that some Montreal drivers lack serious consideration for their fellow citizens, especially when it comes to parking. Double parking and other parking infractions are rampant in Montreal. Think twice before you double park, not only because the fine for this violation has been raised from $20 to $60 this year, but also because it's a selfish and thoughtless action that inconveniences everyone else around you.

Several recent driving-related incidents I've spotted around the city have made me begin to think that Montreal is not as friendly as we make it out to be.

Perhaps the sudden lack of sunlight andperpetual grey and rainy days have have finally brought Montrealers to a breaking point. I can literally see a collective seasonal affective disorder manifesting in people's behaviour before my eyes.

First off, when it comes to parking, Montreal is a total mess, I get it.

But that should never excuse double parking on a busy street and leaving a car locked with no driver, effectively trapping all the good citizens who actually paid and parked properly. I actually experienced this first hand just two days ago.

This is not just inconsiderate, it's pure assholery of the highest kind.

I'm sad to report that, although this was by far the worst double parking incident I ever experienced, this isn't the first time I've spotted this brand of selfish behaviour.

I frequently see it outside my local Starbucks; it's located on a busy street, where drivers pull up, double park, and leave their cars illegally parked while they run in to grab a coffee.

What infuriates me even more is that 99% of the time the car in question is a luxury brand. In other words, someone who can afford a ticket.

I hate to stereotype, but owning a pretentious vehicle seems to directly correlate with flagrant thoughtlessness for other people's time. Just pointing out the truth!

Double parking and other types of lazy parking are the epitome of disrespect and indefensible entitlement.

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You're literally inconveniencing everyone around you for your own benefit; this is the textbook definition of selfishness.

A ticket for double parking used to be only $20, which is pocket change for all those fancy car drivers out there.

But under the Plante administration this past year, the fines for double parking have increased to $60. So, unless you want to pay $60 for your daily dose of Starbucks, it's most definitely not worth it.

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