There are certain things that Montreal girls don't like to admit they do or have. We're all guilty of them, yet we try to keep it on the low because we want to look at least semi-cool in front of our girlfriends. At least. I find it fascinating how we're all so different, yet so alike. Let's all laugh at ourselves a little... Here are the 10 guilty pleasures every Montreal girl can relate to.

1. Over-eating after 3am

You know when you're a bit really drunk after a night out and you get major munchies. You figure heading to La Banquise is a great idea. Then you finish the whole plate of poutine by yourself and order another one to go... and their portions are freaking huge, let's be honest here.

2. Making out with random dudes at bars

So you're at a bar with your girlfriends casually having tequila shots. Super chill night, obviously. That's what all Montreal girls do with no exception, by the way. Then this dude offers you another round and by the end of the night you're making out with him next to the bar. Like, hard core making out sessions. You never actually end up hooking up, but he touched your mouth from the inside like it's never been touched before.

3. Failing to start a diet on Monday

Every Montreal girl promises to start some kind of juice cleanse, diet, detox or healthy eating habit thing on Monday. It never works. Actually, now that I think about it, Monday is the universal day for failed diets. However, I feel that it's particularly relevant to Montreal... because literally every single one of my girlfriends is guilty of this.

4. Obsessing over The Weeknd

Did you hear The Weeknd is coming to Montreal? We might act like we don't care and even say things like, "I'm so sick of their songs playing on the radio"... but in reality we're humming, "She told me don't worry about it" all day every day.

5. Actually loving Pumpkin Spice latte

Like, yeah, we try real hard to pretend that we're not basicDid you ever try pumpkin spice latte though? It tastes amazing, but we'll never admit we like it. Don't tell anyone.

6. Crushing on Zombie Boy

So bad, yet so good... Zombie Boy got us feeling some type of way.

7. Loving the flower crown look

You'll hear us make fun of flower crowns, but we actually really like the look. It's so cute.

8. Owning a basic bitch winter jacket

Forget about diamonds. Canada Goose, Moose Knuckles, Rudsak or Mackage are Montreal girl's best friends. You're not a Montreal girl if you don't own one of these jackets, sorry.

9. Secretely liking UGGs

They're just so comfortable. Don't judge us. Oh and, apparently, you can't wear them when the snow is melting... we learned the hard way.

10. Actually feeling excited about Justin Bieber coming to Beachclub

Then, when the show got cancelled, we were really sad... but you will never know this, though.

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