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10 Reasons Why Blondes Are Better Than Brunettes

#10 Blondes are better in bed.

Do blondes actually have more fun? Oh yes they do. I feel like blondes don't get enough credit for their awesomeness. Some guys will say that they prefer red heads or brunettes, but a girl with bright blonde hair will still make them double take. Think about it, you know so many classic beauties whose locks are the color of the sun: Taylor Swift, Candice Swanepoel, Giselle, etc. If you're still not convinced, here are ten more reasons why blondes are the best:

blonde beach

Photo cred - Beach Blonde

1. Our hair looks gorgeous with tan skin

You can't deny how hot blondes look in their bikinis next to an ocean. They're like real life mermaids. Blondes are the ultimate beach babes.

blonde surfer

Photo cred - Timelessearth

2. People think we can surf

That's not a bad reputation to have. Surfing is by far the hottest sport ever. Props if you're blonde and actually know how to surf.

marilyn monroe blonde

Photo cred - Oldfashionedgirl

3. Marilyn Monroe was blonde

The classic American beauty and one of the most photographed woman to ever live, Marilyn Monroe, was in fact blonde.

red lips

Photo cred - Johnna

4. Um, red lipstick or red dress and blonde hair? Classic!

Red lipstick and blonde hair is a match made in heaven. I'm not even going to start talking about blondes and red dresses...


Photo cred - Forbes

5. Barbie is blonde

Barbie is the ultimate expression of style, elegance and beauty. She is blonde! Accident? I think not.

blonde girl bar

Photo cred - Michael Bennett

6. Blondes stand out from the crowd

Notice how you always feel compelled to unintentionally stare at a blonde girl in a room full of people. They stand out from the crowd, it's a fact.

ronda rousey

Photo cred - FTW.usa

7. Blondes crush stereotypes

Nothing is more exciting than crushing the "dumb blonde" stereotype. Ronda Rousey is a great example, folks.

blonde girl nature

Photo cred - Weheartit

8. Blondes are rare

Natural blonde hair is rare and makes up approximately 2% of the world's population. If you know anything about supply and demand, then you'll realize why blondes are in high demand.

blodes have more fun

Photo cred- Rick

9. Everyone looks better as a blonde

Not only blonde hair color suits pretty much everyone... Once you switch to blonde, you're guaranteed to have more fun.

blonde girl in bed

Photo cred - Weheartit

10. Blondes are better in bed

According to an actual survey conducted in the States, blondes are, in fact, better in bed. Numbers don't lie, people.

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