Before you get really offended with this topic, I'd like to point out that I know it's unfair that good looking people can get away with shit. However, it's the reality we live in and it's so bad, that it's actually funny. Let's just laugh about it together and shake our heads in disbelief, shall we? Good.

1. Retarded Facebook statuses

A good looking person can write the most ridiculous Facebook status ever and get more Likes than a meaningful status posted by an average looking human. Even statuses like "I like flowers" will get attention. The thirst is so real.

2. Flirting

Attractive people flirting is always welcomed and encouraged. If a cute guy or girl randomly messages you on Facebook, like "Hey! What's up", you'll most probably answer. Right? BUT! If an unattractive person with a weird foreign name writes the most romantic message ever for you, you'll be like "Ewwwww, nooooo! WTF is this name anyway? Ranjobar Cuntecki?"

Photo cred - Huffingtonpost

3. Stupid jokes

No matter how stupid or unfunny the joke is, people will always laugh if you're attractive. It can also be very misleading for the good looking person, because they'll end up thinking that they have a great sense of humor. "Yo, what is red and smells like blue paint? Red paint!"

4. Selfies

Selfies might actually work if you're good looking. People love looking at everything beautiful. An unattractive person's selfie only gets a big "Why?" as a reaction. On the contrary, an attractive person's selfie will have you like "Daaamn!" Sad? Maybe. True story though.

5. Parking/speeding tickets

This one is pretty obvious. How many times have you heard stories about pretty people getting away with these kinds of things? Ri-di-cu-lous! Police officers need to get their shit together.

6. Being weird

Good looking people can wear the weirdest clothes and say the most obnoxious things and people around will be like, "Omg, you're so extravagant! I want to be like you!" It doesn't work if you're not particularly good looking... then you're just a regular weirdo.

7. Being a shitty person

Oh yes. Good looking people can be mean and actually get away with it. A hot guy can be the biggest asshole to a girl and she will be completely head over heels about him. He will make out with another chick in front of her and she will justify it with something like, "He's just testing my limits, you know?" Same thing works for hot girls too. This world is so unfair.

Photo cred - Adam Smith

8. Asking for free stuff

This point is especially true for hot girls. You're guaranteed to get free shit if you're a hot chick. Like free drinks and dinners are always at your disposal at the very least. Hot guys can also ask for free drinks... if the barmaid likes you enough, it might actually work. Give it a try.

9. Putting on extra pounds

If you're good looking, being a bit chubby doesn't hurt. You're still cute. If you're not particularly gifted in the beauty department, gaining a few extra pounds can really play against you. It's the truth, guys, don't get angry.

10. Staring

Someone really good looking staring at you: fun and exciting. Someone not really good looking staring at you: creepy and weird.

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