Time for that: new year new you bulls!t. It's only BS because you don't actually do it. So maybe this year, you'll have different goals. Like finishing those you never got to last year... OR just promising to yourself that you won't repeat the same mistakes next year.

Countdown starts now.

1. Donald Trump

No comment.

2. Negative energy

The people in your life who don't bring you anywhere, need to stay behind. They no longer have a place in your life (and you know who I'm talking about).

3. Procrastinating on your short-term goals

Set goals, reach them. Seriously.

4. Your EX

It's been done for so long - you need to move on.

5. Anything "Goals"

#relationship, #couple, just all #goals. Let's speak normally now and not as if we all live on Instagram.

6. Making promises you can't keep

Like saying you'll be somewhere, and never showing up. Stop doing that, it's not nice.

7. Your man bun

Again, no comment.

8. Fvckboys - along with the term

Fvckgirl, fvckboy, Bad B!tch. No.

9. Your current boyfriend/girlfriend. Just kidding you guys are so cute


10. The followers you bought on Instagram

Because buying people to like your pictures, is not okay. Buy them drinks instead and they'll like you just as much.

You have 10 days to finish the last chapter of 2015, make it count.

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