If you haven't heard of Tinder, then CONGRATULATIONS! Chances are you're in a loving, caring, and monogamous relationship. For the rest of us, single people, Tinder is like the sacred land of dating, one-night stands and random hook-ups.

Just when you thought you were ready to delete the dreaded app, we come and hit you with a list of 20 hottest Montreal guys that are on Tinder right now. Just keep the app and right-swipe on these hunks today. Let's hope they right-swipe back.

Tall entrepreneur with a baby niece? Yes, please.

Raymond, you should never ever wear a shirt. Ever.

Ugh... stop it, Olivier.

Who wants to help Pierre discover Canada?

Petter looks like Prince Charming, but better... because he actually exists.

Reda, why so negative? You're still handsome though.

The only thing I hate is my future without you, Anthony.

Chilling with no shirt on is the best kind of chilling.

Olivier, you had me at suit and tie.

I know a few girls who need some personal training, if you know what I mean.

Over 6'0, abs AND a beard?? Like YAAAAS.

Deni will DJ his way into your heart.

How is this not a perfume ad or something?

Ronald, I like all these things too!

Sa, you're SA mysterious. See what I did here?

Damon has a perfect smile.

Nik looks like the hockey player of your dreams.

Olivier has got mad style. Definite yes.

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