We have a new addition to our list of dumb things Montreal spent money on. We have of course the $40,000,000 bridge lights and the $1,000,000 Ferris wheel that doesn't actually work. Well now we also have 3 brand new $30,000 ... benches.

I came across an article in Metro about how Sainte-Catherine street was getting revitalized but the only thing they did was to add 3 of these things they call "Public Terrasses". But wait until you hear about all their incredible features. They have: benches, flowers, places to lock your bike aaaaaaand areas you can actually stand on.

So it's pretty much a big wooden bench and a few flowers that cost $30,000. But I;m not a carpenter, so maybe that's just the cost of building something like that. Only according to Angie's list, you could get a 10 x 16 foot raised wooden deck built in your home and it would cost less than $2,000.

So there's only one explanation possible: Those flowers cost $28,000. 


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