Montreal's Orange Julep To Host A Mercedes-Benz Car Festival This September

An automotive event you really do not want to miss.

Photo cred - @thisislyricz

If you've got a Benz, head over to the Big Orange on September 20th. Somewhat for the classic orange-cream beverage and a solid poutine, but mostly for the Montreal Mercedes Benz Party to be thrown at the giant orange food stand.

Organized by Mercedes-Benz Silver Star and, the Mercedez Benz Gathering/Party will begin at 12pm and run 'til 4pm on Saturday, September 20th at Gibeau Orange Julep, which has been a Montreal car hangout since the 60s. Bring your Benz, show off your ride, and chat with other car-enthusiasts.

Everyone else in Montreal who aren't swanky enough to own a Mercedes can come and admire the cars, while enjoying some classic Montreal eats. Just make sure not to spill anything on the cars.

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