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Osheaga 2018 Lineup Announced

Artists for Friday's lineup have been confirmed!
Osheaga 2018 Lineup Announced

It's that special time of year when Osheaga is all that anyone is thinking about.

The massive Canadian music festival is set to unveil their full, official lineup this coming Tuesday... but before then, they are asking you to help leak the lineup! 

Yesterday, Post Malone was confirmed as the first artist of Osheaga 2018.

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Starting today, and all weekend long - they will be adding tracks from Artists featured on their daily lineups Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at noon. 

You can catch the announcements on O-Audio using the official Osheaga app.

    Confirmed for Osheaga 2018 - Friday, August 3:

    1. Odesza
    2. Portugal. The Man
    3. Alex Cameron
    4. SmokePurpp
    5. Sir Sly
    6. Sylvan Esso
    7. Rex Orange County
    8. The Manchester Orchestra
    9. Milk & Bone
    10. LP

    Check back right here and stick with me, I will continue to update this all weekend at 12:00 PM EST.

    Festival passes are set to be on sale Tuesday, March 13 at noon. 

    Check out Osheaga's lineup reveal for Saturday right here. 

    Check out Osheaga's lineup reveal for Sunday right here.

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