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Osheaga Is Hosting A FREE Block Party In The Mile End Next Weekend

Take advantage of the pre-festival party vibes!
Osheaga Is Hosting A FREE Block Party In The Mile End Next Weekend

Arguably the biggest music festival in Montreal, Osheaga has quite the reputation for bringing amazing entertainment and parties for those who attend. The three-day music festival goes down August 3-5 at Parc Jean-Drapeau, with an amazing lineup to make this year's event the best yet.

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The only problem is that not all of us Montrealers are able to attend the event. Whether it's due to work, being out of town, or just not having enough money for the tickets that are, admittedly, pretty pricey.

But these limitations shouldn't hold you back from having some fun as the festival date approaches. Luckily there is an alternative for those who want to experience some of what the festival is going to offer before it actually begins, whether or not you're actually attending the real thing.

Via Osheaga

To promote the upcoming festival and give everyone the opportunity to come out and party all evening, Osheaga is having an absolutely FREE block party on July 14 at Aire Commune in Mile End. 

The mini-festival runs from 2PM to 11PM, giving you just enough time to experience those pre-festival vibes, meet new people, and most importantly - PARTY!

You can check out the lineup for the one day event HERE, and take a look at the Osheaga website for future events HERE.


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