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"Heartbreaking" New Netflix Documentary Showing Walruses Plunging To Their Deaths Has People "Bursting Into Tears"

The documentary showcases the awful effects of climate change.
"Heartbreaking" New Netflix Documentary Showing Walruses Plunging To Their Deaths Has People "Bursting Into Tears"

Documentary fanatics rejoice! A new documentary, called "Our Planet," is now available on Netflix. The Netflix original explores the planet's beauty, and juxtaposes this with an examination of "how climate change impacts all living creatures."

The documentary is ruthless in its exposé of the devastating effects of climate change. One particular scene shows dozens of walruses plunging to their deaths, a phenomenon that is supposedly linked to climate change.

The scene has received a lot of attention online, with many taking to Twitter to express their dismay.

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TL;DR People are having strong emotional reactions to a scene in Netflix's new documentary that shows walruses falling to their deaths. The bizarre behaviour has been linked to climate change.

A clip of the scene gives us a glimpse of the episode. In it, we see walruses climbing to the top of a rocky hill. Because the ice has melted, the walrus have to go far to find food and return exhausted to the only place they can sleep: on a cramped hillside.

Exhausted and very crowded, many walruses slip and fall to their deaths.

The camera pans to show hundreds of bruised and bloody walrus corpses. The filmmakers look on in shock. One producer looks on with tears in her eyes. "That's the sad reality of climate change," she says. "It's really hard to witness this."

Here is the clip. It may be upsetting to some viewers.

The episode has shocked viewers. Many are saying that they could not help but tear up watching the scene. 

The walrus ending of episode 2 of #OurPlanet is the saddest wildlife sequence I've ever seen. Fuck

April 6, 2019

Literally full on sobbed to the walrus moment. This whole docu series is so heart breaking. #OurPlanet I wish as humans we can do more.

— 🌿▪ Jessica ▪ 🌿 (@Fernevie) April 5, 2019

The walrus sequence in #OurPlanet is the most heartbreaking wildlife footage I’ve seen. A v hard but important watch from ⁦@sajlanfear⁩ and @BooMcP @NetflixUK@wwf_uk⁩ Walruses plunging to their deaths become new symbol of climate change

April 5, 2019

If you’re planning on watching #OurPlanet, don’t. 2 episodes in and I have spent close on 2 hours blubbering. How do I save all the animals @ourplanet? (Especially the walrus’).

April 5, 2019

Episode 1 of @OurPlanet made me want to help save the planet. Episode 2 was so punishingly depressing all I want to do now is hug my dog and lay in bed. My goodness the walrus scene was brutal. #OurPlanet

April 6, 2019

The walrus scene near the end of episode 2 of Our Planet on @netflix is one of the most intense, emotional, violently heartbreaking things I have ever witnessed. Absolutely devastating! Fucking hell. Sitting here sobbing my goddamn face off! #SundayMorning

April 7, 2019

The Walrus scene on #OurPlanet

April 9, 2019

Some are saying that the scene is motivating them to do more to stop climate change.

The walrus scene on @ourplanet was the most shocking and moving scene I’ve watched in a while 😥 It’s horrible to see how much climate change & us humans are affecting the planet we share with these beautiful creatures! We all need to play a part in trying to save this planet 🌍

April 9, 2019

if you don’t believe in climate change, go watch Our Planet on Netflix and wait for my Walrus scene. Then you can FIGHT me on it.

April 9, 2019

That Walrus scene in Our Planet is harrowing to watch, and if it doesn’t wake you up to what we’re doing to this planet then you’re lost 😔

April 9, 2019

Watching Our Planet and sobbing over what we’ve done. 🌎 We have to get our shit together. #climatechange #OurPlanet

April 7, 2019

What it feels like watching OUR PLANET

Show: Look at this amazing creature, and the amazing surroundings planet earth has made.

Me: Omg it so beautiful.

Show: It will be gone in 20 years if we don't do something.

Me: Nooooooo#ourplanet #netflix

April 5, 2019

If the Walrus scene in Our Planet doesn’t make you reconsider everything you’re doing to make climate change happen nothing will.

They’re doing this because of us. Jesus.

April 7, 2019

Anybody who doesn’t believe in gloabal warning watch the Walrus scene in Our Planet on @netflix I will never recover tbh

April 9, 2019

Others feel helpless in the face of such widespread chaos.

Ok. I need to go sit in a dark quite room now. The walrus sequence was... disturbing. And so important to show. This is what human induced climate change is doing. At the micro scale it’s painful to see. It’s not an abstract concept. #OurPlanet

April 5, 2019

I feel bad for the poor people who took hallucinogens thinking they were in for a good time and had to witness that.

I really thought I was going to have an enjoyable Bake and Binge session with #OurPlanet ... and then came the Walrus segment. 😭😭😪

April 9, 2019

I wish Trump would build a wall for the walruses and leave our southern border alone. #OurPlanet

April 9, 2019

Since the release of the new, 8-part series, the walrus have become the unexpected new face for climate change. The #ourplanet on twitter features a walrus emoji after the hastag.

It is clear that this has captured the audience's attention. The new series is a difficult but rewarding thing to watch. I fully recommend it.

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