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Outraged Canadians Are Saying That Air Canada Keeps Accidentally Charging Them In American Dollars

They promised the issue would be resolved in 2015!
Outraged Canadians Are Saying That Air Canada Keeps Accidentally Charging Them In American Dollars

Have you ever been online shopping, found an item at a ridiculously low price, added it to your cart, only to find out upon payment that the currency was in USD? Then you get the subtle shock and disappointment when it's converted into CAD and the price isn't so great anymore.

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TL;DR Customers are coming forward with complaints against Air Canada after flights were unknowingly booked in USD, only to be converted back to CAD afterwards. Air Canada said the issue would be resolved in 2015, although customers continue to be overcharged. More details below.

Things like this happen sometimes, and it really does suck. But what's worse is when you make a pretty large purchase that ends up being non-refundable, only realizing afterwards you've spent hundreds of dollars more than you thought.

Well, that's what happened to a BC customer when booking a flight with Air Canada. It turns out, the super cheap flight to LA was actually just showing up in USD.

While booking the flight to Los Angeles from Castlegar, BC on the Air Canada mobile app, the customer was shocked to see each flight would only cost $618.91. 

It really was too good to be true, because a credit card statement arrived in the mail not long after, showing that the flights were charged in American dollars.

This means each flight had automatically been converted back to Canadian dollars, which turned out to be $826.02 each. The total cost of the airfare came to $1,652.04, a massive $414.22 more than this frustrated customer believed they would be paying.

This isn't the only incident where people were misled by Air Canada upon checkout. Similar complaints in the past came from customers who said they purchased flight tickets from Air Canada, believing the payment was in Canadian dollars, only to receive a statement later that was in USD.

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Air Canada promised the ongoing issue would be solved back in 2015, but it definitely looks like it hasn't been.

The airline responded to their most recent complaints, insisting that the flights must have been booked on their U.S. site. Air Canada offered the customer 10% off the base fare of her next flight, but refused to comply with anymore requests.

The customer, however, insists that she used the Air Canada app, which registered prices in Canadian dollars.

Experts told the CBC that there may be a problem with the app's programming.

Next time you book a flight, make sure your settings and location are in Canada to avoid any risk of unknowingly getting charged in U.S dollars. With so many complaints against Air Canada for the mix up, who knows how many people have paid way more for flights without even knowing it.


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