Montreal's Outremont Ranked #1 Most Bilingual Borough In The City

This city is more bilingual than you think.
Montreal's Outremont Ranked #1 Most Bilingual Borough In The City

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Regularly called a "bilingual city," Montrealers have the reputation of being able to comfortably converse in both English and French, which is the case for many citizens. But does the bilingual rep hold true throughout the island of Montreal? Radio-Canada, in their ongoing series analyzing Montreal's cliches and stereotypes, decided to find out.

Creating three maps analyzing the language demographics of Montreal's population, Radio-Cananada investigated the amount of bilinguals, francophone, anglophones, and those who predominately speak another language entirely in the many areas on the Island of Montreal.

Be sure to check out the original article for a detailed examination of the language trends throughout the island. Below you'll find a basic breakdown of the facts, with the top boroughs listed.

  • Montreal's most bilingual borough, by percent: Outremont (68.9% bilingual)
  • Montreal most bilingual borough, by population: CDN-NDG (97,435 people)
  • Montreal's most bilingual area, including municipalities: Senneville (78.8% bilingual)
  • Montreal's most francophone borough, by percent: Montréal-Nord (54.1%)
  • Montreal's most francophone borough, by population: Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (61 900 people)
  • Montreal's most anglophone area (including municipalities) + borough, by percent: Côte-Saint-Luc (28.1 %) + CDN-NDG (24.4%)
  • Montreal's most anglophone area, by population: CDN-NDG (39 865 people)
  • Montreal area with most amount of citizens who speak neither English or French: Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension (8465 people)

See where your borough ranked by heading to the detailed maps here.

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