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100 Items Are On Sale At IKEA Canada

A nationwide sale on the most popular IKEA products!
100 Items Are On Sale At IKEA Canada

If you're like me, most of your apartment consists of IKEA furniture items. As I write this article I sit on my IKEA couch with my feet up on my IKEA coffee table with an IKEA mug in my hand.

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The giant retailer has some of the sleekest furniture and homeware. Its products have become a staple of the young urban-dweller's apartment. With low prices (thanks to the build-it-yourself ethos that has led to many a break-up) and efficient Scandinavian style, IKEA is ideal for tiny city apartments and even tinier budgets.

Some of its most neat items are practically irresistible. I often go in looking for one item and walking out with about twenty goods I didn't know I needed.

The store is also the king of giant sales that match its equally expansive stock.

This week, IKEA slashed the prices on some of its most popular items, including dozens of couches, tables and accessories!

Here's a list of some of the most incredible deals:

The Ektorp armchair – $329 (originally $429)
The Ektorp sofa – $499 (originally $599)
The Ektorp sectional couch – $1049 (originally $1149)
The Ekenäs armchair – $299 (originally $349)
The Nutid refrigerator – $1849 (originally $2499) !!!
The Renlig dishwasher – $699 (originally $799)
The Möckelby table – $699 (originally $799)
The Ivor shelving unit – $589 (originally $679)
The Bekant desk – $519 (originally $549)
The Ingo table – $60 (originally $80)

Check out the entire sale here!


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