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Over 1,000 People Infected In Massive Herpes Outbreak At Coachella

At least people are seeking information.
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Over 1,000 People Infected In Massive Herpes Outbreak At Coachella

TMZ is reporting that there has been a "herpes spike" in the Coachella Valley since the beginning of the famous music festival this month.

Within the first few days of Coachella,TMZ states, HerpAlert, a resource for people living with herpes, has handled around 250 cases, up from the usual "12 cases a day in Southern California" and blasting past the last recorded influx of 60 cases in a single day — during celebrations for the 2018 Academy Awards.

Since the opening of the festival this year, HerpAlert has helped over 1,000 people. For context, about 250,000 people have attended Coachella in each of the last two year.

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TL;DR TMZ is reporting that cases of herpes have spiked during the 2019 edition of the famous music festival

In fact, there is always a spike in cases of sexually transmitted infections at music festivals. 

"Festivals are hotbed of hormones, especially after soaking up the rays and contents of the beer tent in equal measure. Fans who attend typically go for good music and a good time but you certainly don’t want to bring home something much worse than a hangover and some sunburn," writes Hannah Kingston for LetsGetChecked, a blog that follows sexual health issues.

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LetsGetChecked reports that many instances of STI transmission at music festivals are "unnoticed."

The government of Canadaexplains on its website that "many people who have genital herpes are unaware that they have the virus because they have no symptoms, mild symptoms, or mistake the symptoms for other conditions such as jock itch, yeast infections, razor burn or allergic reactions to detergents."

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At the very least, this data from HerpAlert suggests that people are taking the initiative to obtain information about herpes, diagnosis, and treatment despite the intense stigma surrounding the infection.

For more information about herpes, visit the government of Canada website here.


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