Over 200 Skiers At Bromont Were Trapped On A Chairlift For Hours (Photo)

For those of us that grew up on the ski hills of Quebec, or anywhere else for that matter, it's safe to assume at one point or another you imagined falling, jumping off or even getting stuck on a chairlift at some point. But for some 200 skiers at Bromont, there was no imagining, as they were actually trapped on a broken chairlift for up to three hours last night.

We reached out and spoke with another skier who was luckily not on the malfunctioning device when it broke down, and who saw rescue staff as they went to help those mountain goers who were stuck on the lift. 

According to this witness, the lift broke down around 7 p.m. and remained that way until the hill closed around 10 p.m. For at least an hour and a half, guests remained on the chairlift as Bromont staff attempted to get the lift work again.

When the lift could not be fixed, guests were eventually helped off the lift one-by-one, CTV reports, which accounts for the lengthy amount of time that some guests had to wait.

The photo below was shared with MTL Blog by another Bromont guest who was lucky enough to not be on the lift when it broke down. 

No police were called to help with the intervention, CTV reports, and fortunately, there were no reported injuries associated with the malfunction.

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Bromont has since updated its Facebook page to explain the mechanical breakdown. 

In a post, park administrators explain that the lift, called "Express du Village," faced a mechanical breakdown that required a manual evacuation of those on the lift.

In the post and on its website, Bromont also notes that the "Express du Village" will remain temporarily closed for the time being. 

Bromont has 8 other chairlifts that are still up and running, so there's no reason to rule out this awesome hill in the Eastern Townships.

But, if you're still feeling iffy, check out one of the other many hills that are open for the season around Quebec.

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