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Over 250 Models Will Be Taking Over Place Ville Marie Next Week

Your chance to rub elbows with the beautiful people of Montreal.

Ladies and gents, prepare yourselves, because Montreal about to be flooded with an influx of professional models next week. Festival Mode & Design will be hosting one of the largest casting calls in Canada to select models to walk the runways of their upcoming 15th edition of the festival.

From 9am to 4:30pm on Wednesday July 15, over 250 models will be strutting their stuff on the 19th floor of 1 Place Ville Marie, trying to beat each other out for 1 of 80 available spots. We can only imagine how hard they're going to have to work it.

While most of these models come from agencies, there will also be an open casting call at 12:30 for anyone that thinks they have what it takes to work the runway. According to Sensation Mode, they're looking for people of all sizes and ages (16 and over), so anyone can come out and give it a go.

The actual festival will take place this August, from the 17-22, at Quartier Des Spectacles, and they're expecting more than 500,000 visitors, so whoever does get chosen will have the chance to be seen by quite a few people.

For more information check out the Sensation Mode Facebook page.

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