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Over 300 Models Will Be Invading Downtown Montreal Next Week At Place Ville Marie

Sidewalks will become catwalks.

Models are coming to Montreal in a huge way next week, with largest outdoor casting call in all of Canada happening at Place Ville Marie. More than 300 professional models are ex[ected to take to the Esplanade, in hopes of impressing a panel of judges and becoming a part of the 14th edition of Montreal's Fashion & Design Festival.

All the pretty people will be at the Esplanade at Place Ville Marie (by the fountain) on Tuesday, July 15th, starting at 11am and going all the way 'til 6pm. Downtown will become a literal catwalk with all the models fighting for one of the 80 spots open in this year's FDF.

Everyone is invited to come and see the auditions and enjoy some high-caliber eye candy. Please, no gawking or droooling. Fingers crossed there will be a hot mix of gals and guys auditioning, so as to make it fun for everyone, no matter which gender fits your fancy.

If things get rained out, the auditions will take place at 1 Place Ville Marie, on the 19th floor. Hopefully rain won't be the case and the sun will be shining on the many beautiful models of Montreal.

Montreal's Fashion and Design Festival begins August 20th and runs 'til the 23rd. Learn more about FDF at the official website here.

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