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Oyster Recall Has Just Been Issued Across Canada Due To Salmonella Contamination

Contamination was first confirmed across Quebec.
Oyster Recall Has Just Been Issued Across Canada Due To Salmonella Contamination

It's always important to be in the know when it comes to country-wide problems, such as massive food recalls. Seriously, if something is so dangerous that all of Canada has to recall it then there's definitely reason to panic just a little.

Especially when it comes to food contaminants that don't have any physical traits, the only way you'd ever know something was dangerous to consume was if Health Canada issued a recall in time. Let's really hope they did.

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There has just been a National recall onFuture Seafoods Inc. Malpeque Oysters brand Oysters due to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirming the product has been contaminated with salmonella.

Oysters across Quebec were the first to be recalled with the rest of Canada following. It's uncertain whether or not anyone has become ill from the product.

Considering the oysters are distributed not only to homes but also restaurants and hotels, it seems to be only a matter of time before Canadians start to become sick from eating them before the recall was issued.

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The CFIA has verified that the oyster company is removing their product from stores, but there's still a pretty good chance people may have already bought them.

Look out for the code PE9B on the box with an expiration date of 9/10/18, this is the contaminated batch. 

Salmonella has no smell, taste or physical attributes which means it can go completely undetected while still making you unbelievably sick as well as cause life long health conditions. If you think you've consumed the recalled oysters call your doctor immediately.

The recalled packages can be returned to your local retailer for a refund. At the very least, you can just throw them out.

To stay updated on Canada-wide recalls and the salmonella-contaminated oysters, click HERE.

TL;DR Future Seafoods Inc. Malpeque Oysters has recalled their oysters across Canada due to salmonella contamination. The code on the affected batch is PE9B with an expiry date of 9/10/18. Those who have consumed the oysters should call their doctor immediately, while those who have bought the oysters can return them for a refund at their local retailer.

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