Watch P.K. Subban Crash A Montreal Street Hockey Game In Westmount

These kids are living the dream.
Watch P.K. Subban Crash A Montreal Street Hockey Game In Westmount

A group of the luckiest kids ever got their "Almost Famous" moment over the weekend. Montreal Canadiens player P.K. Subban was out having dinner on Sunday night according to BuzzFeed. When he was heading home, he saw some kids playing hockey in the street and he decided to join in on their game.

Seriously that's like every kids' dream! Okay well maybe just those who like hockey but considering we're in Montreal, I'd say that's a lot of them.

At first Subban was going to even the odds by playing with a stick with no blade but figured he'd give the kid an actual "challenge." So he picked up a stick and took a few shot at the goalie who really did not seem to mind being scored on by the Star defenceman. I mean ... would you?

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