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"Palcohol" Is The Powdered Alcohol The Government Doesn't Want You Snorting

Photo cred - Colin White Photography

The Prohibition days of the 20's had the government banning the sale, production, importation, and transportation of alcoholic beverages, and it seems the man is at it again. At least the powdered version of it.

Set to hit the market in the coming months, Palcohol is a powdered alcohol product that could potentially revolutionize the way we get buzzed, but several states south of the border, including Colorado, Nebraska, Utah, and Wisconsin, are trying to ban it before anyone even gets the chance to casually bump their favourite cocktail like a line of blow.

Invented and developed initially as an easy way to get crunk while out hiking and kayaking, Palcohol essentially turns your water into wine, thanks to a lightweight, portable format. With a choice of either V powder (quadrupal-distilled vodka), or R powder (premium Puerto Rican rum), making a premium cocktail on the go has never been easier, without the hassle of lugging around any heavy bottles.

Palcohol is obviously scaring the pants of numerous law-makers, with fears such as abuse by minors, ease of concealment into venues, and the overt possibilities of snorting the stuff. Despite the fact that it would be physically unpleasant and impractical to rail a line of Cosmo cocaine as it would take "approximately 60 minutes of painful snorting to get the equivalent of one shot of vodka," according to the Palcohol website, let's be honest, someone is going to try it.

Regardless of whether or not kids are going to abuse the product any more than, say, a six-pack of Bacardi Breezer or a bottle of cough syrup, the makers of Palcohol maintain that banning it will only encourage the risks of it being dealt on the black market. Besides, the ability to magically transform pretty much anything into "adult" candy (think ice cream), pretty much makes you a saint.

Palcohol is slated to hit the market sometime this spring along with four cocktail flavours versions: Cosmopolitan-Mojito-Powderita-Lemon Drop, and, by the way, it's gluten-free.

Photo cred - techeblog

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