Panoramic See-Through Toilet Appears At Montreal's Quartier Des Spectacles

Photo cred - Cottonelle

Taking a dump is an incredibly private experience, one that many of us enjoy more than anything, because what's more satisfying than the sensation of losing two pounds of fecal matter in one go? Nothing, that's what. found a new toilet in Montreal that adds a new feature to the equation: a toilet with a view of the city

Cottonelle and JFL teamed up to create Montreal's first "see through toilet," an outdoor toilet booth located right in Quartier des Spectacles outfitted with two-way glass, allowing poopers/urinators to watch the hustle and bustle of the city in total privacy, as from the outside all you can see is a reflection...and not someone busting out a deuce.

A strange concept, but one that is probably pretty cool, as long as you're alright with psuedo-public washroom use. Just think about it: as you're partaking in a number 1 or 2, you can people watch and enjoy the happenings of the city, and best yet, giggle at folks checking themselves out in the mirror while you watch them on the can.

Live the dream of being a peeping-pooper and get to the Just for Laughs Festival at Quartier des Spectacles to experience the see-through toilet. While you're there, nab some tickets, and we can help you out on choosing some solid JFL shows to see this year.

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