Photo cred - Parc Jean-Drapeau

Reliving the carefree days of childhood is but a fantasy to most of us. While student life is like a drunken version of the no-responsibility era of early youth, there's still a certain playfulness to childhood no one over 14 can regain, 'til now. Parc Jean-Drapeau is going to give you the chance to go back to when you were a kid, with this weekend's free Fête des enfants.

Technically designed for kids, there isn't any shame in going to Fête des enfants yourself, because there's actually some pretty cool stuff to check out. You could be shameless and just go yourself, or you can always tag along with a younger bro/sis/cousin to make it seem less awkward.

Here's some of the surprisingly sweet stuff going down at Jean-Drapeau this weekend that looks to be pretty fun for anyone, adult, child, or otherwise:

  • Katag: a gigantic foam-fencing game (think LARP'ers at Tams)
  • Two separate outdoor obstacle courses
  • Meet 'n greet with Olympic Athletes
  • Mini rock climbing wall
  • The Taste Caravan: a vendor of local produce and products
  • 30 foot high zip-line
  • Giant Foosball: exactly what it sounds like
  • High-wire trapeze shows and intro workshops
  • Free admission to the Biosphere and Stewart Museum
  • Origami workshop (a very solid party/bar trick)
  • A bunch of inflatable structures (can any age group resist the call of a bouncy castle?

Fête des enfants begins on Saturday July 19th and continues onto Sunday. To get all the info, head to the official website here.

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