Paris To Honour The Victims Of Quebec's Terrorist Attack By Turning Off Eiffel Tower Lights

Last night, the province of Quebec was shocked when a shooting took place in a mosque in Sainte-Foy

So far, we know there were 6 people killed and 8 injured. The suspected shooter named Alexandre Bissonnette has been arrested and may appear in court to face charges later today.

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A vigil has been organized in Montreal for 6:00 pm tonight. But there is another tribute that has caught our attention this morning.

When Paris was attacked, Quebec and Montreal stood in solidarity with them by illuminating buildings with the colors of the french flag.

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And now, France will be holding it's own vigil. The Eiffel Tower will exceptionally remain unlit tonight in order to show its support to Quebec and Canada.

I will turn my lights off tonight, at midnight, to show my support to Quebec and Canadian people. #EiffelTower

— La tour Eiffel (@LaTourEiffel) January 30, 2017