Parts Of Canada Are Expected To Have Dangerous Floods Today

You're going to wish you had just stayed in bed today.
Parts Of Canada Are Expected To Have Dangerous Floods Today

October has just begun and we're already starting to worry about the upcoming snowy weather that will take over most provinces for the rest of the year.

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TL;DR Environment Canada has issued a rainfall and flood warning for both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Rainfall is expected to exceed 50 mm today, leading to dangerous floods in low lying areas. Rainstorms aren't expected to end until later this week.

To make matters worse, just yesterday you found out that certain provinces are dealing with a massive blizzard at the moment, dropping temperatures well below zero.

Although it's a scary reality that it's snowing when we should be preparing for Halloween, there's an even more dangerous one.


Most of Canada's eastern provinces are experiencing some pretty crazy rainfall today. With some cities expecting the rain to continue full-force into tomorrow, exceeding 50 mm in total, Environment Canada has begun sending out warnings for flooding in low-lying areas.

For both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, dangerous floods seem to be on the horizon if the rainstorms don't slow down later on today. But, to make matters worse there is even more dangerous weather coming to Canada from the east coast.

The Maritimes just been issued a special weather report for a low pressure system. This means we can literally start preparing for the worst weather for the next few days.

It's as if Canadians are being boxed in by terrifying weather. On the west coast there are massive snowstorms and freezing temperatures, and on the east coast there's rainstorms and flooding. 

Maybe this really is the beginning of the apocalypse? Stay tuned for more information. 


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