Parts Of Canada Are Going To Experience Abnormally Warm Weather During The First Winter Months Of 2019

After heavy snow and surprise blizzards hit most of the country super early this year, we were all preparing to be snowed in for the next few months. Lately, all of our hopes for a winter wonderland have been destroyed since any remaining snow melted. We're also seeing above average temperatures for the season in multiple cities. Well, it turns out that parts of Canada are going to experience super warm winter temperature in January and February of 2019.

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TL;DR The Weather Network has officially announced most of Canada's west will be experiencing an early spring in January and February of 2019. A storm will bring snow and colder conditions to Atlantic Canada, with the rest of the country dealing with a warm and rainy pattern. More details below.

Yes, it's probably the most disappointing news you could get right now, as if the news that there's no chance of a white Christmas wasn't enough. Now Canadians can expect super early spring weather to make way.

Luckily, for those of us in desperate need of some more winter in our lives, eastern Canadian provinces such as Quebec and New Brunswick will experience colder than average temperatures throughout the next few months, with an abundance of snow on the way as well.

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According to The Weather Network, western Canada as well as regions such as northwestern Ontario will receive much less snow than expected in both January and February. Fewer threats of snowstorms and blizzard conditions are expected as well, with rainstorms and heavy dry periods dominating the season.

There is one major storm expected to hit Atlantic Canada this winter, which will arrive from the Gulf of Mexico. This means there is a good chance of snowfall coming to multiple regions on the east coast.

Below normal temperatures will also be present in eastern provinces over the upcoming weeks, with a back-and-forth cycle producing miserably unpredictable weather.

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Despite an uncomfortably warm and rainy pattern ahead of us, it doesn't look like skiing conditions will be jeopardized just yet. An early spring is expected, though, so the season will end abruptly and much earlier than in previous years.

Overall, our hopeful expectations for weather in 2019 have been ruined. For most of us, it's time to throw away our winter attire and prepare our umbrellas and raincoats for an early and unwanted spring. For others, it's time to prepare for the ultimate winter blizzard.

Stay tuned for more information on Canada's weather patterns.


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