Parts Of Canada Now Have The Worst Air Quality On The Planet

British Columbia is known to often have wildfires each summer. Unfortunately, because of these wildfires, the air quality tends to be poor and thick with smoke. 

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With 600 wildfires continuing to spread throughout B.C., smoky and hazy air is on the rise, and B.C. has been dubbed with the worst quality on Earth currently. 

Health risks for individuals living in B.C. have been rated high-very high. Vancouver was specifically rated with the highest score on Environment Canada's scale with an 8-10+ for air quality health risk. Those living in the interior of B.C. can expect some improvements to air quality as the wind shifts, whereas those living along the coast can expect a worsening of conditions.

Why this is bad for individuals' health- more "fine particulate matter" is an aggravation to the lungs, being inhaled can cause exhaustion and confusion.  

Those living in Kelowna and Kamloops have also experienced poor visibility with only 1km visibility. 

Unfortunately, there seems to be no relief in sight, with heavier rain fall predicted for later this week. With this, there is also the risk of dry lightning and a threat of more fire starts. 

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