Parts Of Montreal's Mount Royal Will Be Closed Off For The Rest Of The Summer

Experiments to prepare for chemical attacks will be held.
Parts Of Montreal's Mount Royal Will Be Closed Off For The Rest Of The Summer

It's been announced that the Canadian military will be seen across Montreal next week as they test out new, protective equipment.

This seriously sounds pretty cool, and it's a big honour that out of all the Canadian cities they could've picked from it was ours they chose to test out this new technology.

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This is hardly a military mission. Instead, it's a series of scientific experiments that will test different types of gear as well as detection devices for chemical and biological agents.

Nothing hazardous will occur during the research, but we should expect a few areas of the city to be shut down until the experiments have concluded.

One popular city spot in particular, Mount Royal, will be closed in specific areas for the rest of the season as it's the epicenter of the military experiments.

A majority of the work will be done at Mont Royal Belvedere, along de la Montage Street, and around Silo No. 5 close to Old Port. 

Sensors will be placed in the area to detect chemical releases and mimic what would happen if there were a chemical attack or biological leak in the city. The substance being used to act as a "chemical release" in the experiments is powdered egg white, so if anything the tests will look pretty amusing rather than harmless to the public.

The only downside to the Canadian military hanging around the city is that the public won't be allowed on Mount Royal until the end of the month, September 21 to be exact. 

Keep an eye out for the military these next few weeks, you might even be lucky enough to spot them conducting a top secret experiment somewhere in Montreal!