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Where You Can Party With Montreal Alouettes' Cheerleaders This July

Dance, drink, and cheer the night away!

Everyone is getting pumped for the Montreal Alouette's game coming up on July 3rd! The game is sure to be a zinger, but whether we win or lose, we'll love our boys all the same. If you have yet to buy your tickets for the match against the stampeders, I'd suggest doing it ASAP, because you'll be missing out!

But while you're at it, you might as well buy your tickets for the after party we know you won't want to miss. The lovely cheerleading squad for the team will be posting up at The Belmont's annual party, after the game for some drinks and a good time.

Tickets are on pre-sale right now for $10, and it's $15 at the door. The party starts at 10:30PM, and be sure to get there on time, because the venue is sure to be packed to the brim. For a chance to win free tickets, take a selfie in front of the poster at The Belmont, pictured below!

For more information on the party, click here.

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