Pauline Marois's Husband Takes $25 000 From A Quebec Business

An official statement links Claude Blanchet to unlawful activities: , Radio Canada reports.
Pauline Marois's Husband Takes $25 000 From A Quebec Business

Pauline Marois's husband, Claude Blanchet, has been accused of soliciting $25, 000 in donations from a Montreal businessman for his wife's campaign in 2007, as reported by Radio-Canada.

The claim comes from the businessman himself, who worked at a Quebec engineering firm, according to Radio-Canada.

In a written statement included in the Radio-Canada report, Blanchet's accuser outlines the process in which the premier's husband gathered the full $25, 000 is solicitations.

The document (here) goes as follows:

  • Blanchet and the businessman have known each other for 15 years.
  • After the previous PQ leader announced he was stepping down, Blanchet approached the businessman in his office.
  • Blanchet asked for a collective contribution of $25, 000 from the company.
  • $3000 was the PQ's limit for a single donation, so the full amount was split by various donations from different members of the company.
  • Weeks later, the businessman personally gave $25, 000 in multiple cheques to Blanchet.
  • In exchange, the businessman expected "privileged access" to Pauline, the current premiere of Quebec.

Blanchet has denied the whole thing, as has his wife, who probably isn't enjoying this kind of press during the elections.

Aside from the unnamed businessman's accusations, Blanchet acted within the parameters of the law. No concrete proof links Blanchet to knowing how/why the donations were being collected.

The accusation makes Blanchet look incredibly bad, but in fairness,  without any definitive proof, the situation is just one man's word against another.

Should there be an official investigation?

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