Penis Supporters Will Be Protesting U2's Concert In Montreal Tomorrow

CAN-FAP denounces Bono's mass circumcision campaign.
Penis Supporters Will Be Protesting U2's Concert In Montreal Tomorrow

Not everyone out there is a fan of U2, and sometimes it has nothing to do with their music. Glen Callender is the perfect example of this, he is the founder of CAN-FAP, the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project.

Yes that's right there's actually an organization in Canada called CAN-FAP and if you aren't giggling right now, your sense of humor is either too sophisticated or you've never heard of the word FAP.

The group will be protesting U2's Montreal concert on June 16th at the Bell Center to denounce Bono's campaign of mass circumcision in Africa to combat AIDS/HIV. They believe Bono's mission is misguided and hypocritical since he himself has a "superb Irish foreskin.” They want to convince Bono to stop promoting circumcision as a solution to the problem.

Whether you agree with his cause or not, you have to admit that Glen Callender is quite the character and he knows how to get the media's attention.

For more information check out their website.

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