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People Are Already Being Fined For Doing Illegal Things With Legal Marijuana In Canada

Just over 24 hours ago marijuana was legalized in Canada. But, just because us Canadians can now legally purchase, consume and have cannabis does not mean that the substance is completely law-less.

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TL;DR After just one day of cannabis being legal in Canada, people have already begun breaking the law and receiving massive fines. If you're unsure of new regulations, visit the government of Canada website to stay update. Most importantly, do not drive under the influence of cannabis.

Far from it actually, as there are pretty strict rules concerning the product that's just been released on the legal market. Not to mention that fines for breaking the new laws are pretty massive, so you may want to brush up on the rules before going out on a limb with your newly acquired government-issued pot.

But, as always, there are a few people who have to go and ruin the fun for everyone. Yes, before cannabis was even legal for a full day people were already breaking the law.

Just one hour into legality in Canada, Winnipeg police had already issued their first fine for "consuming cannabis in a motorized vehicle on the highway". Maybe the driver thought marijuana was a free-for-all after being legalized? In reality, the rules are the same as it is with alcohol: you really cannot drive under the influence.

This isn't even an isolated case either. Another person in Ontario was fined for the same criminal offence on Wednesday morning. 

On top of that, the fine can be absolutely insane. At $672 you'll really want to make sure you don't ever forget any of the new laws surrounding the substance. If that's not enough convincing to brush up on the rules, charges only get more expensive from there.

The rest of us should just continue to enjoy cannabis (if you choose to do so) in the newly alotted legal areas, which differ depending on what province you're in.

Cross your fingers that we can actually make it through the first week of legalization.

For an official list of the marijuana laws in Canada, click HERE.


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