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People Are Freaking Out Over This Mysterious "Alien-Like" Noise Heard In Montreal

It's finally Halloween, meaning most of us are probably a little more on edge when it comes to creepy occurrcences. From the horrifying films to costumes people will wear for the haunted night, we can't help but think we'll experience something horrifying at every corner!

TL;DR Last evening Montrealers were awoken by an extremely weird noise in the downtown core. No one is entirely sure what created the sound the night before Halloween, but a link to a video of the occurrence is below.

Since our senses are a little "heightened" during this time of year, everything that was already pretty scary is now totally petrifying.

If you happened to hear the crazy inhuman noise across Montreal late last night, you'd have to agree.

Montrealers are complaining of a super weird noise heard in the downtown core that started blaring around midnight. A subreddit about the occurrence has more than a dozen comments from different people around the city either confirming that they also heard the alien-like noise around the same time or recounting instances when they heard similar sounds.

One redditor recorded a video of what sound the supernatural noise was making. You can also listen to it HERE.

It seriously sounds like a mix between intense construction work, a whale, and the sounds from Blade Runner 2049. Needless to say, it was definitely the last thing you'd want to hear on the eve of Halloween.

Some people are saying the sound randomly rang out again super early this morning before finally silencing for good. As of now, there's still no confirmation of what could have possibly created this noise.

One commenter suggested that this is just the latest in a global string of seemingly supernatural and unexplainable audible phenomena. That's unlikely.

It'll remain a really creepy mystery that we're all hoping doesn't continue again tonight during all of the haunted festivities.


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