People Are Rallying Behind Dr. Arruda After He Almost Cried During His Apology

"Dr. Arruda has the right to have some fun!"
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People Are Rallying Behind Dr. Arruda After He Almost Cried During His Apology

Quebec's National Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda offered an emotional apology Tuesday after critics lambasted him for dancing in a viral video. The video, they argued, was inappropriate given the rising death toll in the province. "If the performance I gave [...] caused grief or insulted the bereaved families, I offer my sincerest apologies," the doctor said at the end of the daily press briefing.

"Every night at 2:00 in the morning, I look at the deaths and my heart is turning," he said with tears welling up in his eyes.

"So it was never my intention to hurt anyone, and I understood that I would never use social media in that context again."

In the day since, the doctor's supporters have begun to rally behind him, sharing encouraging messages on social media and drowning out the critics who continue to share their frustration.

Other Arruda fans are expressing anger that the innocent dance video was so negatively received.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the Director has become a household name. He rose from obscurity to achieve international fame, attracting countless admirers with his exuberance and wit.

Now, they're out in full force to share their support.

Many say that they welcomed the dance video as an expression of his humanity.

Translation: Seriously!!! Dr. Arruda has the right to have some fun! Everyone who complains doesn't have good judgement or sense! #GetALife I'm 200% with #Dr.HoracioArruda!!!

Fans also say they were moved by his tearful apology.

Others are offering encouragement and gratitude for his work.

Translation: Thank you for everything you do for Quebec Dr. Arruda... it's impossible to please everyone [...] Don't let the mean comments get you down!

Translation: I can understand that the population is suffering, but when things go wrong, some people look for every opportunity to blame others, especially the authorities. As far as the population is concerned, Dr. Arruda has no right to be human. 

Translation: Laughing, singing, dancing is a sign of balance. I hope, Dr. Arruda, that this doesn't keep you awake at night. There are plenty of other things that can do that. As far as I'm concerned, dance and laugh some more.

Translation: Does this mean that we have to stop laughing, living, and having fun? Thank you for being you, Dr. Arruda.

Translation: Our good Dr. Arruda, you have all our support. Your sincerity, empathy, and professionalism honour us. Don't change anything. We love you.

Translation: We love you, Mr. Arruda... You are a human being. It's normal to be tired with your work and dedication. Don't let go!!! It's going to be okay.

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