People Are Smoking Crack And Doing Heroin In Broad Daylight In Montreal, Here's Why

Police aren't doing much about this issue
People Are Smoking Crack And Doing Heroin In Broad Daylight In Montreal, Here's Why

If you've been in the Hochelaga district, you've probably seen some concerning activity going on there, mainly individuals using hard drugs on the street. 

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Several days ago the Police Service of the City of Montreal (SPVM) closed the locations or "crackhouses" where drug users were meeting, which is probably why the people who frequented those locations have now taken to the street.

Unfortunately these drug users were left with no choice since the closing of these illegal gathering places than to go on the sidewalks, in alleys, and in neighbourhood parks. 

This was especially an issue on Saint-Catherine Street East (corner of Joliette Street), where individuals gathered to smoke crack and shoot heroin. In particular, there were reports of one woman who, after injecting drugs, became unsettled and agitated.

These situations exemplify the sad reality of the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood in recent months.

Residents are not happy, and have complained that by closing down these sites, the SPVM has moved the problem onto their neighbourhood streets. 

This is a major concern for families who have young children and are scared to go out. Residents are even complaining that the police are not doing much about this problem either. 

The SPVM has been saying otherwise about the matter, claiming to have been providing security to the residents of the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough, especially when they've been issued complaints on the matter. 

According to the Journal de Montreal, one police officer even claimed that the SPVM is thorough in its interventions in the neighbourhood, coordinating with both residents and community groups.

Not only are police doing next to nothing about this issue, according to residents, but there is also a major lack of resources, such as social housing for these individuals. It's even more problematic since winter is just around the corner and the people on the streets have no where to go. 

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