People Are Spreading The Most Amazing "Canadian Fake News" On Twitter Right Now

There's a trend on twitter right now I'm sure every Canadian can appreciate.

Since one of this year's most notorious hashtags was #FakeNews, someone decided to start tweeting #CanadianFakeNews instead and the results are freakin' hilarious.

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Check out some of the funniest ones we've found so far:

#CanadianFakeNews Police in Northern Ontario are warning citizens of a vicious moose gang after one man was abducted and tied to the roof of his own pickup truck

PM Justin Trudeau busted at strip club, where he was dancing as his alter-ego: I'm Justin-Side You#CanadianFakeNews

#CanadianFakeNewsA new scientific study found that consuming large quantities of maple syrup, bacon, and coffee can cause grumpiness and unapologetic behavior.

#CanadianFakeNewsCanadian man bumps into fellow Canadian and does NOT apologize! More at 6.

The Canadian people are pretending to be nice, but they really don't like people. #CanadianFakeNews

Drake is starting his own line of Poutine. #canadianfakenews

After getting dual citizenship Obama is elected Mayor of Toronto. #CanadianFakeNews

#CanadianFakeNewsHockey player caught trying to sneak into America to get his teeth fixed on their superior healthcare plan

We’re almost finished our nuclear program. #CanadianFakeNews

Donald Trump grabs Canada by the Regina #CanadianFakeNews

It’s very warm up there in the months of January and February. Tropical even. #CanadianFakeNews

Justin Trudeau was involved in a massive poutine redistribution scam. 20% of Canadian poutine reserves may have been sold illegally to Russian Poutine mining company Uranoutine One #CanadianFakeNews

Trudeau challenges Putin to a test of shirtless animal riding #CanadianFakeNews

They're building a wall along the southern border and making America pay for it #CanadianFakeNews

#CanadianFakeNewsIgloos-a growing trend in Canadian real estate

#CanadianFakeNewsQuebec man arrested for only saying ‘Thank You’ instead of ‘Thank You Very Much’.

The Canadian version of the tv show COPS is just Tim Horton's security camera footage.#CanadianFakeNews

There are higher incidents of geese-related fatalities than in any other country. #CanadianFakeNews

#CanadianFakeNewsCanada only has one road?

Nobody likes Hockey in Canada #CanadianFakeNews

All Milk bags are being converted to cartons and jugs. #CanadianFakeNews

#CanadianFakeNews BREAKING NEWS: Canadian Banksy strikes again

#CanadianFakeNews Canada experiencing a severe chocolate Timbit shortage

Leafs wise up & change name to Toronto Maple Leaves#CanadianFakeNews