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People From Around The World's Brutally Honest Opinions About Canada

You know you wanna know.
People From Around The World's Brutally Honest Opinions About Canada

You've seen it on TV and in the movies countless times. That classic Canadian stereotype.

Maple syrup, hockey, igloos, mounties, moose, beavers and of course ... "EH".

But is that really how the rest of the world sees Canada?

There was only one way to find out, and that was to ask them directly. So let's see if we've overcome the stereotype or if we're actually just a joke to other countries.

Canada's Bathrooms

Posted by CheesyOmelette

"We went to visit Niagara Falls and the bathrooms were closer to where we were on the Canadian side than on the US side. We walked into Canada to use the bathroom. Your public bathrooms are very clean and it was an overall pleasant experience."

Canada's Infectious Laughter

Posted by iSeeth

"I drove through the dead of night between these giant snowbanks with walls on either side of the road that must have been 12 ft. high. From what I understand, even other Canadians think people in Newfoundland are odd. What I found in St. John's were the warmest, funniest, most odd people I have ever met. They laughed at me. They laughed at themselves. They laughed at everything and it was infectious."

Canada, I Love You

Posted by deleted

"You give us eggs, bacon, maple syrup, nice people and weed. I love Canada"

Canada's Poutine & Shawarma

Posted by HotPikachuSex

"My takeaways from my few visits to Canada:

Everything is overpriced

I generally find the girls more attractive

Poutine is awesome

So is shawarma

People from Quebec are brutally honest and I love it"

Canada Is That Chill Guy

Posted by ioncehadsexinapool

"I live in Michigan. I think Canada is like that chill guy that is always nice. He doesn't speak much but he isn't socially awkward. And he doesn't talk until he is spoken to. Yet you have so much good to say about him. You just want him around because just his presence lifts everybody's mood. anyone else know that guy I'm talking about?"

Canadian Love From 'Murica

Posted by MrMonsterDubEdition

"You bros got our back.

love, 'Murica"

Canadians Are Human Teddy Bears

Posted by Just_An_Animal

"So I went to Canada for spring break with two friends, and there I learned that...

Everyone really is nice as heck. I've never seen a bus driver take 5 minutes to carefully explain a route to a woman... except in Canada.

I've never had homeless people hold the door for me... except in Canada.

I've never had BOUNCERS be nice to me... except in Canada. I was blown away. You all are truly awesometastic.

You have the cheapest coffee I've ever seen (at least in North America). A large at Tim Horton's is the same price as a small at Starbucks.

And the donuts. THE DONUTS. AND POUTINE... POUTINE EVERYWHERE!!! Which then begs the question: where do all the calories go? The answers are: A. the cold (yeah... maybe next spring break we'll go south)B. the kindness. Cuz seriously... You all are like human teddy bears.

Did I mention everyone's super nice?"

Canada's Hockey

Posted by turbosexophonicdlite

"You guys brought hockey to America so I fucking love you."

Canada's Coolest Astronaut

Posted by OpticWin

"Chris Hadfield and my only source of kinder eggs."

Canada Is The Good Kid

Posted by TheCardinal

"Canada is "The Good Kid" : Canada was well behaved and polite, Dad gave him what he wanted after a while. Canada is like the old man in some ways and doesn't resent the comparison as much."

Canada's Badassery

Posted by mwes25

"Military is small but badass! This is coming from a US Marine. Those moutherfuckers are top notch soldiers, would fight beside them any giving day without a second thought"

Canada's Drake Origin

Posted by samisanonymouss

"Like what the US could be if it had less people and we didn't all hate each other. So basically good. And safe. And BC Bud. And Trailer Park Boys. And of course I think of Degrassi, the most diverse high school ever."

Canada's Beauty

Posted by delayedregistration

"Beautiful mountains. Tundra. Calgary. Cool Runnings. John Candy. Bike Friendly. Mounted Police. Eh? The French Language, Hoppable Trains, Lakes, Victoria. And Snow. Oh, Hudson Bay and their awesome wool blankets."

Canada's Moose

Posted by Jefersonthepisces

"You pay a shit ton for alcohol.

You seem like genuinely nice people.

You probably know more about moose than I do, other than that they're fucking huge and pretty mean.

Must get cold a lot."

Canadians Of America

Posted by monkeyweasels

"I'm from Minnesota, I'm told that means I am Canadian."

Canada's TV and Music

Posted by pacodevai

"You have given us Rush and Trailer Park Boys. What more can I ask for?"

Canada's Fiddleheads?

Posted by deleted

"You guys are WAY more welcoming. I was in your country for a week on a job and I've never had so many offers of "let me make dinner for you" from people I've never met. Oh, and FIDDLEHEADS."

Canada's Hot Humans

Posted by Cyfa

"You guys have some pretty attractive chicks."

Canada Has Pine Trees And Guys Dressed Funny

Posted by who-said-that

"Being a teenager, and Mexican:

As a little kid: It snows there, there are pine trees, there are guys dressed funny yet cool (mounted guard).

As a slightly older kid: Like a United States, but with nice people!"


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