People In Canada Are So Obsessed With Meghan Markle That They're Paying Hundreds Of Dollars To Be Like Her

Several outlets have named this phenomenon the "Duchess Effect."
People In Canada Are So Obsessed With Meghan Markle That They're Paying Hundreds Of Dollars To Be Like Her

After Meghan Markle's fairytale entrance into royal life, people across the globe saw how seemingly feasible it is for anyone to become a Duchess, even if you are an American divorcée.

Now, it seems some women are even paying to be groomed like the Duchess — and the cost is a royal price tag.

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TL;DR The "Duchess Effect" has swept North America and women are actually paying to get etiquette training so that can be a proper and ladylike as the Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge.

To compose yourself like a royal takes years and years of etiquette training. You must learn how to walk, talk, and even eat with propriety.

And it seems that Canadian women are hungry to learn what it takes to have the etiquette of a royal.

In an interview byCTV, etiquette expert Myka Meier spoke of the day-long course she hosts at The Plaza Hotel in NYC.

She charges $900 for the day, where she teaches women how to conduct themselves like the Duchess of Sussex or Cambridge.

She told the CTV thatthe course is a bestseller and that her most recent training saw three Canadians fly into New York City just for the lesson in royal behaviour.


Training includes the "Duchess slant," the iconic position in which both the Duchesses sit, famously botched by Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries.

Another etiquette expert, Elaine Swann, admitted she saw an increase in Canadian visitors to her site, The Swann School of Protocol, right after the marriage of Meghan and Harry.

Trained under a former member of the Queen's household, Ms. Swann offers courses for children, teens, and adults alike.

Courses include a 2-Hour Timeless Manners Class, a Boys-Only Series, and Kids Etiquette camps.

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Topics include "proper behaviour, self-respect and consideration towards others," alongside encouragement to "make good choices."

On her site, Swann offers free advice, as well, though not really of the royal calibre.

Meghan's fashion choices have also sparked countless imitations around the world. Often a fan of Canadian designers, the Duchess, who used to live in Canada, was the unofficial style icon of 2018.

Her muted and monochromatic power outfits set a trend for business and professional attire. According to The Guardian, Markle has the power to celebritize the designers whose pieces she chooses to wear. Similar items suddenly become hot commodities. That frenzy leads to huge profits.

The growing popularity of royal etiquette courses and royal fashion are just further evidence of the current cultural obsession with Meghan Markle. As Queen Elizabeth ages, fans of the royal family are looking to her decendants and their spouses for a glimpse of what the future of the monarchy could look like.

From her disregard for many rules to her impressive work ethic, Markle has injected new energy into the British (and Canadian) royal family.


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